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BACKGAMMON is the most ancient game of fortune and skill.The game's history began more than five thousand years ago.It is very popular in Near East and in Central Asia.The object of the game is to be the first player to remove all your pieces from the board by moving all your pieces to your home board and then bear them off.You move your pieces counter-clockwise to the bottom right quadrant of the board,which is his home board.Your opponent moves pieces clockwise to the top right quadrant respectively.Each move begins with a roll of the dice.The roll of the dice indicates how many points(pips)you may move your pieces.The pieces are always moved forward,to a lower numbered point. You will love the Backgammon 2003 experience!

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Rightdown software

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User Feedback on 2003 Backgammon
Almost like the real thing. Good design, good gaming experience.

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