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Good day! I have a question for you: have you ever played Arkanoid-like (or Breakout-like) games, all this "paddle-and-ball' arcades where you need to break bricks? Some of them are addictive, some are not. But most of them look and sound very similar - differently colored rectangles (usually textured a la metal) and weird patterns in background. Is it boring? Surely it is. That's why we created an Arkanoid-like game with entirely different "look-and-feel". Let me introduce you 1st Go Warkanoid II: WildLife. A bouncing ball flies across the screen. At the upper part there is some mosaic picture made of colorful bricks. You control the wooden paddle drifting at the bottom line of the screen and your task is to break all the blocks with the ball. And don't let the ball fall down past the paddle or you'll lose it! This may sound too simple for you but this is only a basic part of what you have to deal with. For example, some of the bricks give you funny power-ups giving your paddle and ball new scills or make some extra troubles. Plus artful enemies, magnets, weapons and another Features - the result is extremely funny and addictive arcade.

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User Feedback on Warkanoid: Wildlife
"Arkanoid, due to it's addictive gameplay, is up there with Tetris as the most popular puzzle-game style. It is therefore a nice surprise when a clone comes around that has made a true effort to lift itself above the rest. Warkanoid II is one such clone." A1 Yippee Software Reviews.

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